Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Carriers Upset over Google Nexus One says Analyst

Carriers Upset over Google Nexus One says Analyst

  • Now that Google has stepped firmly into the mobile phone retail business with the Nexus One, Google is now in direct competition with carriers who license and support the Android operating system claims Peter Misek, an analyst with Canaccord Adams.
  • According to an article on national post, Misek has told clients that several carriers are not too pleased with this development and looks upon what Google had done as confirmation of some of their fears as apparently carriers feel that Google is attempting to “circumvent their ownership of networks, spectrum and customers.”
  • Misek goes on to state that at stake is ownership of the mobile internet along with the customers that will increasingly use it, and that mobile phone manufacturers may well “empower a very potent competitor” if they continue to use Android.
  • The Canaccord Adams analysts also believes that within the next year, Motorola could well launch their own operating system that would be compatible with the Android Apps market.


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