Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Google online store offers Nexus One

Google Nexus One as iPhone Killer does it matter?

Watching the many posts about the impending announcement of Google latest and greatest Android smartphone, the Google Nexus One or Google Phone as some call it hit the internet, it is apparent that there is much emphasis placed on the handset being the much sort after ‘iPhone killer.’

But is it really important that the Nexus One beats the iPhone in the mobile stakes? The iPhone has held the smartphone crown for years, many new smartphones have come out brandishing the ‘iPhone killer’ label and still the iPhone remains at the top.

Is Apple concerned that Google is putting out the Nexus One? I doubt it as in a few months Apple will undoubtedly announce a new iPhone and then all the mobile eyes will turn on what Apple has to offer.

Does Google think it is important for their Nexus One to ‘take down the iPhone’ and grab the mobile crown? Probably not, I would think they are more concerned about simply getting the Nexus One out into the mobile arena and already have plans in place for its marketing.

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