Monday, 11 January 2010

Sunno S880 the Dual OS Running Smartphone from China

From dual SIM cards to dual Operating Systems, our modern age smartphones are evolving for sure. Take for instance the latest Sunno S880 smartphone from Sunno — a China based cellphone manufacturer.


The reason this phone manages to charm upon a first glance is that it comes with both Google’s Android OS and Windows Mobile, and can therefore dual-boot between both OS where each of them share the 3.6-inch WVGA Display. The only problem is that it comes with an 806MHz chip of unspecified origin which is not worth accepting for a dual operating system as it should be a high quality one.

Otherwise, the new Sunno S880 is a highly capable smartphone with an 8MP camera on the rear, WiFi and GPS abilities. If you’re looking for a release date, the phone will be available in China from October 15th (no sign of Europe and US though), but if you’d like to know more about its price tag … we don’t have anything yet.

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