Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Will Verizon launch and ship CDMA iPhone in 2010?


  • There are rumours of Verizon launching then shipping a CDMA Apple iPhone in 2010, the hold-up is all down to a price being agreed with Apple, we would love to know if this is all true and of course so do you as a choice of new carriers would be highly beneficial for users and of course sales.
  • We saw this information via Ars Technica and we find it very interesting indeed, the iPhone has already been launched with multiple carriers in where at first had exclusive rights with O2 which is now no longer as other UK carriers have the iPhone, and then there is the long-term exclusive deal with AT&T. This deal with AT&T was for five years with the deal apparently ending this year.
  • Verizon Apple iPhone is impossible at this time because they need a Verizon-capable iPhone, this means that Verizon need a CDMA iPhone which has been rumoured to be launching this year of 2010.
  • Verizon do need the iPhone as many AT&T customers have dropped the iPhone with them due to bad service (We would love to hear about this if you have suffered), are you with AT&T and have moved to another carrier and bought a different device?

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