Friday, 19 March 2010

Apple Delays iPad Accessories past April 3

Apple's iPad case, keyboard dock and power adapter will all have to wait until after April 3 to arrive, leaving early-adopting iPad users out in the cold.

If you were hoping to tap out a novel with your iPad, charge it from the wall, or even protect it with a case, you’ll be out of luck immediately following the initial iPad launch on April 3. Many of Apple’s anticipated iPad accessories, including its keyboard dock, 10-watt charger, and case, will not ship until weeks or months after the first models arrive.

According to Apple’s site, the $39 iPad case will arrive in mid-April, while the $69 keyboard dock will arrive in late April, and the standalone $29 power adapter (one is included with the iPad as well) that will allow users to charge a wall outlet rather than a USB port will have to wait until May. All three are currently available for preorder.

Other accessories, including the basic dock and dock-to-VGA connector, will ship as anticipated by April 3.

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