Thursday, 13 May 2010

Google Maps for Android gets Biking Directions

Laying the course with some reliable navigation service is always a calculating decision. In addition to regular wayfarers, avid cyclists now have a reason to rejoice. According to the Official Google Mobile Blog,Google Maps for mobile has just got biking directions, navigation shortcut, sharing, and more. With Google Maps 4.2 for Android users can get biking directions on the go, start navigation from their home screen, and share places with friends.

This newly revealed feature now allows users to get biking directions, lanes, and trials on their mobile device. If users want to take a more scenic route, they can even take note of the Bicycling layer on the map, showing the difference between dedicated bike-only trails, roads with bike lanes or even roads that are good for biking but lack a dedicated lane. Users can always turn on this layer from the Layers menu to pick their own route.

In addition, the Google Navigation shortcut has also made its way. With this new shortcut, users can pick a destination and be on their way with as little as two taps of their finger. Google’s new Sharing feature now lets users share places with their friends. From any search results page, users can choose to ‘Share this place’ to send that place’s information such as its address and phone number, to whomever they like.

Further, users can also send an exact location from the map, even a snapshot of their current location. Interestingly, whether users are sharing a place or a location, they’ll be able to send it to small groups via an email or text message or send it widely with applications like Google Buzz, Facebook, or Twitter.

In order to download Google Maps users will need a device running Android 1.6 or higher. Users can update Maps to version 4.2, available in all the countries and languages where Maps is currently available.

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