Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Lost Treasure discovers the fortune through iPhone

Treasure hunters have yet another reason to rejoice apart from just finding wealth and solving mysteries.Ankh:The Lost Treasure from Deck13 has made its way to the iPhone and iPod touch. This game is a prequel to the award-winning adventure game Ankh.

The game will remind game lovers of tricky puzzles and hurdles that are accompanied with finding the treasure. It revolves around the main character Assil with Thara and her group of friends namely Ephraim, Shalom and Schmuel who search for the treasure. A ship vanishes from Nile River in Egypt which steals the precious temple’s wealth. It consists of the powerful ancient artifact that will save the life of Thara’s dying father.

This app gives a realistic feel as the scenes are artistically hand-painted with detailing, offering a 2D effect environment. Hidden artifacts, clues and wacky objects are added with a refined humor and dialogues sequences. Various puzzles and mini games will keep users entertained. If users need any support, the help function should help them sail through.

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