Friday, 23 July 2010

Elasticr, the Stretchiest Superhero swings into the App Store

  • Users who have always enjoyed watching super heroes, especially those who could stretch like the one in Fantastic Four, can now probably be like him. With super elasticity, Dlux Studio pulls in ‘Elasticr, the Stretchiest Superhero’, for iPhone owners. Gamers now need to stretch with augmented flexibility to save the world.
  • All the wicked adversaries need to be on the watch as the latest iPhone title is loaded with 20 extra stages. It also lets players choose the desired level they want to play. As and when the level increases, the difficulty also rises along with it. Gamers then need to be sharp and alert in order to remain in the game. Players should constantly be vigilant as they are required to face tricky hindrances planted in their path such as spinning blades, vanishing hand holds coupled with risks of being electrocuted.
  • It’s important for gamers to pitch themselves flexibly if they wish to eliminate the bad, and free the human race from all the negativity. Offering a comprehensive integration of OpenFeint, the game can be played by gaming enthusiasts aged 4 years and above. With the help of the app’s physics engine, the bouncing, flying and stretching graphics are further augmented.
  • Elasticr, the Stretchiest Superhero can be procured by stretching to the App Store retailing for just $0.99. The app functions on OS 3.0 or higher.

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