Monday, 12 April 2010

Google Suggest with universal search features for mobile

Google Universal SearchGoogle had earlier announced how universal search features in Google Suggest could help a user in gaining vital information while searching from the Google home page. The Official Google Mobile Blog has now announced the implementation of the same feature for mobile phones.Users can access search on-the-run in a fast and easy manner.

With the Google Search on mobile, users simply need to type out their query, like ‘What is the current exchange rate of a dollar?’, and the search results are indicated right below the search box. This makes the search faster as the user does not need to wait for the result page to load. Other searches possible with this feature include weather, stock quotes, current global time, calculator and unit conversion.

To try this feature, users need to log on to through their mobile web browsers and start typing queries and viewing results instantly. In case, the results are not listed below the search box in the first go, the user simply needs to refresh the page to see them. This feature has been made available on the iPhone, Android, and WebOS devices in the US.

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