Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Gorillaz reveal Escape to the Plastic Beach iPhone game

A lot of bands seem to be following the trend of coming up with their own versions of mobile games and apps. Linkin Park came up with the 8-Bit Rebellion, while P!nk uses the funhouse app quite often. The latest to join the circus are The Gorillaz. The band is all set to launch Escape to the Plastic Beach for the iPhone, reports PocketGamer.

The players need to guide ‘Murdoc’ around the island. Players need to dive through thermals, avoid pirate galleons, floating mines, etc all the while trying to save 2D from esdcaping. In all there are 8 enthralling levels with 3D graphics and accelerometer controls that resemble Gylder 2.

Although there has been no official word on the release date or the pricing for the game, users can still get a sneak preview of the game by visiting the band’s official website. The preview allows players to play only the first two chapters, while the third 3D chapter may cost somewhere around £1.50.

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