Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Field Agent money-making application for the iPhone launched

Applications usually cost users something or the other. But what if there was an application that made money for the users? Intrigued? Well then read on. Field Agent which is a unique application in the App Store now actually lets users make some real cash. The application involves a Client, the user who needs information and an Agent who is the iPhone user in the field. The agents are paid for the information they provide to the clients. The payment may range from $2 to $8, adhering to the job’s difficulty level.

This payment is due only if the user has the Field Agent app on the iPhone. Information generally requested by clients includes retail pricing and display information, event images, photos of items for sale and consumer surveys that can be answered on the go. The Field Agent may use built-in tools on users’ phones and send precise and appropriate information to the clients. With features like Agent history, GPS Location, time and date stamps and photo confirmations, it can be verified whether data was returned to Clients accurately or not.

Kelly Miller, co-founder of Field Agent said that, “What’s more, Clients and Agents will help us refine the many uses we’ve not even thought of. We see a lot of potential with this app, where Clients will help us identify new solutions where Agents can play a key role in delivering data.”

Miller also feels that a lot of companies are interested in efficient field intelligence on products and services. She further adds that the application has been created to generate thousands of Agents to gather information and other feedback on products and services at any given point. That seems to make one powerful business tool!

The application is available free of cost and can be downloaded by Agents from the App Store.

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