Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Myxer brings GeoPix to Android phones

Myxer logoWish to change wallpapers by changing locations? Well,Myxer has announced the launch of GeoPix, a new application for Android handsets that does just that. The application integrates hi-end geo-location technology to ordinary wallpaper images.

Users can now choose any physical location for an image and by the time they reach that location, the image is set as the wallpaper, ‘auto-magically’. To pick a location, users simply need to slide their finger across the map or type out the desired location’s address.

“This is another in a series of announcements that show our commitment to innovation and bold expansion beyond ringtones. In addition to developing a new generation of mobile apps, we’re expanding our consumer offerings this year to include over-the-air music downloads, mobile streaming video, and a host of other new services,” said Myk Willis, CEO of Myxer.

The application takes help of Android’s geo-location and background services technology to keep a tab on the phone’s physical location. GeoPix also features an array of easy-to-use options that include the ability to store a number of locations. Users can also look for and choose images from either their phone or Myxer’s catalog of wallpapers.

Users can download the application for free by looking up for ‘GeoPix’ from their Android Phone or text GEOPIX to 69937 ‘MYXER.

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